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The photos show individual orders & show possible creations. Ask for your style!

Varying in size as Sacred, Lost and Empowerment Cubit, the Tensor Ring can be created in many sizes.

1/4 Cubit

Recommended applications: Pendant, Mobile phone, Bottle neck.

The quarter sizes are ideal to wear as a necklace pendant. Attached to a laptop, IPad, or wi-fi router, the Tensor Ring is able to harmonize the EMF waves. We did not believe it but like all other users feel a significant change.


 1/2  Cubit

Ideal as a coaster for glasses or carafe, wine bottle (or other beverages), in the refrigerator for your computer, but also as a bracelet it is in many different designs producible. As a fuel saver for your car! Try it yourself!


 1 Cubit

Placed under water containers or mounted on the floor or ceiling in four corners of a room, they provide effective protection lots of harmonic vibrations. We have them under our mattress and sleep wonderfully. In the refrigerator they radiate their harmonise everything stored.

Also under larger water containers they are not only beautiful, but also effective. A glass of water immediately begins to radiate white-violet light when placed in the center of a Lost Cubit Ring (177 Mhz)!

In different designs producible with different effect we make the following rings:


  • 1/2 Cubit
  • 1 Cubit
  • 1,5 Cubit
  • 2 Cubit
  • 3,5 Cubit
  • 333 Mhz (approx. 31 cm Durchmesser)
  • 764 Mhz (approx. 64 cm Durchmesser)

All of them have different applications. Larger dimensions are perfect to use as a meditation ring.

Tensor Rings are powerful tools. When water flows through a Tensor Ring (or sits in the energetic column of a Tensor Ring), it becomes organized. The longer it sits in the ring, the more refined the structure becomes. The pH of the water is often balanced (this depends on the water source) and the taste of the water generally improves. Other improvements, which are more difficult to quantify, increase the energy of the water. Our study of the effect of rings on distilled water resulted in the photos above. The laboratory making these photos work according the Masaru Emoto method.