Tensor Orchestra Royal, Lost & Empowerment

Resonate like an Orchestra


This trio is usually ordered as a set but the rings are also available individually.

The 144 Mhz and 177 Mhz can be worn as pendants and stuck on a WiFi router they harmonise and restructure the harmful radiation

On request we can supply an eyelet as shown in the photo. These are available with different small gem stones, depending on stock.

The set includes the following rings from small to large:

144 Mhz: Royal Cubit

Stabilizing for emotional and physical bodies, known for its work on the physical plane. Anchors and grounds intention in physical form. A good choice for stabilizing areas of geopathic stress, EMF pollution and other troubled areas such as in home or car.

177 Mhz: Lost Cubit

Often reported to restore connection to the emotional and etheric bodies, ideal for healing at these levels. Restores the original etheric blueprint and dissolves non-beneficial emotional patterns.

188 Mhz: Empowerment Cubit

Decalcifies the pineal gland, effortlessly restores conscious connection with the Higher Self. Mostly used for strengthening and empowering consciousness.


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